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Candidate for Virginia Beach City Council, District 10

Jennifer was born and raised in Virginia Beach. She graduated with honors from Virginia Wesleyan College and earned her graduate degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, where she was awarded the prestigious L. Douglas Wilder Graduate Scholar Fellowship. She is an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Department Chair of Social Sciences and Education Pathway at Tidewater Community College. She teaches hundreds of students each semester and incorporates local, state, national, and international events into her curriculum to engage her students with their communities. Jennifer is running to serve District 10 on the Virginia Beach City Council in the November 2022 Election.

Jennifer Rouse and her husband, Virginia Beach Councilman At-Large, Aaron R. Rouse

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Since Day 1 of this campaign, we have been people-powered, and neighborhood-centered. We're fighting hard for the future of District 10 and our incredible city, but I cannot do it alone. Whether it's $5 or $50, or whatever you are able, please make a donation today to help us purchase more yard signs, print campaign literature, and get out the word about our campaign!

District 10

Voting & Council District Info

Historically, Virginia Beach voters have cast their ballots for every member of City Council and the Mayor. Beginning this year, voters will only vote for a City Council candidate to represent their district. The 2022 General Election is Tuesday, November 8th. Find your City Council district and make a plan to vote today!


Moving Virginia Beach
Forward Together

The institutions of this country are in crisis-mode, and Virginia Beach is no exception. You may have seen headlines about teacher shortages, housing shortages, rising cost of goods and services and so much more. More than seeing these headlines in the news, I am sure you are feeling these struggles everyday. The policy decisions made by government can help stabilize the crisis, and ideally move beyond it. At the local level, this looks like: 

Strengthening our public schools

We must make necessary and overdue investments in our greatest asset – our public schools – which means investing in our teachers, our school buildings, and resources for our students to make up for COVID learning loss. 

Increasing affordable housing options

For Virginia Beach and our economy to thrive, working families must be able to put a quality, affordable roof over their head. Affordable housing is limited in District 10 and across the city. We must work to increase affordable housing options. 

Investing in our city workers

To recruit and retain high quality teachers, police officers, firefighters, and city staff, we must pay them fairly and competitively. These folks keep the lights on – literally – and they keep our city running. Investments in human resources have never fully rebounded since cuts made during the 2008 Recession. I will be their champion every single day. 

Building Coastal resiliency and improving stormwater management

The sea-level rise forecast is daunting for our Coastal community. Our local, state, and Federal leaders must work together to address these threats head-on. We must separately continue to address the vulnerabilities that Hurricane Matthew and other storms have exposed in our stormwater management systems. The $567 million bond referendum passed by voters in 2021 is a much-needed, unprecedented investment in reinventing these systems.

Preparing our workforce for 21st Century jobs

The economy is changing everyday, especially since the pandemic began, and we must prepare our workforce to thrive in our local economy. We are also home to one of the largest military communities in the country and we must assist those leaving the military transition into civilian life with workforce training and career resources.

Making our community safer for all

Every resident deserves to feel safe in our city – safe in their homes, safe in our schools, and safe in every corner of the community. [Need more here]

Improving local government transparency and accountability

I believe in people-powered, citizen-led government. We must inform and engage with our neighbors, and get everyone involved in local government. City Council should feel accessible to every citizen. There is no level of government that has greater impact on your daily lives than City Council. 

Letting the voters decide how City Council is elected

A Federal court ruled that Virginia Beach’s voting system discriminated against racial minorities in our city and diluted their voting power. Since then, an Appeal has rendered a portion of that decision moot. It is now up to your elected members of City Council to decide whether you, the voters, should decide what new voting system we use. I believe this decision should be solely up to the voters, not a select few politicians. 

Missing an issue that matters to you? Please email me any questions or concerns! My email is jennifer@jenniferforcouncil.com. – Jen